Jessica Fletcher Gets a New Typewriter


Murder She Wrote has always been one of my favorite television shows, one of the items on my bucket list is to watch each and every episode.  Currently, I am on Season 6, Episode 17, Murder According to Melissa–I would be further along but I only just discovered that every episode is on Netflix, I was just buying to box sets as funds became available.   They don’t make shows like Murder She Wrote anymore, actually elderly female lead characters just don’t exist anymore, they have been replaced with young heroines in tight clothes, but I have many more blog posts to delve further into that topic.  I have wanted to blog for sometime but have not been able to because of an ancient MacBook that held some sort of sentimental value.  But the relationship with my MacBook needed to come to an end, it was just not good for either of us anymore.  The computer didn’t work unless it was plugged into the wall, and every time I wanted to end the night by writing to relieve a little stress, it would remind me that there was no more room on my hard drive. I could tell that it was ready to retire, but I just couldn’t let it go yet.  Finally, after getting over the hump I call my frugality, I decided to make the investment and get a new computer. That brings me to the purpose of this blog, last night as I was setting everything up I was looking for a good background that would give me some writing inspiration.  I came across a background that simply said “Be Happy.”  Simple, to the point and something we should all remember.  After struggling with an eating disorder for 14 years I lived a very unhappy life for a long time.  I have officially been in recovery for two and a half years and speak and advocate for those who still struggle and those who have lot their lives to a disease that affects millions of Americans.  So I hope you will join me on this new adventure of mine, of taking all of those writings that I usually do before I close my eyes for the night, and making them public here.   There is an episode of Murder She Wrote where Jessica trades in her typewriter, which has been her comfortable for her writing for so many years and upgrades it to a computer–you know, the super boxy  first generation Mac–although its uncomfortable she knows that she needs to “catch up with the times” and her editor tells her how much more efficient she will be.  I’m not like Jessica in the sense that I can not wait to start using all the bells and whistles of my new computer, and see all the adventures it will take me on, and all the things I can explore as an advocate, a speaker, a concerned citizen and most importantly, a mother.


About lizneaton

I love my God, I love my daughter, I love my life. I am an advocate for positive body image and would like to see the words "eating disorder" eliminated from our vocabulary in my lifetime. I am a pro-life advocate and believe that God creates everything with beauty and purpose. I am a mother with a beautiful daughter and remind her everyday "You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you" Song of Solomon 4:7

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